The Democrat radical nominees are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The more sensible, Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden. All these nominees have one thing in common. All of them pushing for climate change bills and each skeptical towards free-trade. Bernie Sanders wishes to double federal spending and is the only one to title himself as a Democratic Socialist.

The number of Americans without Health Care is sitting at 30 million. Joe Biden plan is to expand Obamacare by making it more affordable, in contrast, Sanders and Warren would nationalize health care an estimated 3.8 trillion business that’s 18% of GDP

All nominees ask for reform on the minimum wage to $15 an hour; the radicals want more labor representation 40-45% sitting on company boards. Sanders would set up a workers Trust which would hand over 20% of their equity.

Will this radicalism work for the election? Mrs. Clinton was viewed as more extreme than Donald Trump in 2016. Party lines that veer off too far tend to upset voters. American unemployment is as low as it has been since the 1960s. The lowest quartile wages are growing at 4.6% per year.

Americans are optimists, and choosing a radical my derail that. Although Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden are boring, they may be the most sensible choice on offer.

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