EU budget contributions/receipts per capita 2017

For the last ten years, Europe has had drama like no other. It started with Greece almost collapsing and getting kicked out, then 3 million refugees arrived from Syria. Shortly after, Brexit up sticks and voted to leave, Populists from the left and right started popping up throughout the EU. Brussels was an exciting place to be.

Nowadays, the EU is dull; the most pressing issue is a debate over the EU budget. The UK has left a €60bn hole that needs replacing. The 27 countries that make up the EU are asked to fill the gap by paying between 1% and 1.1% of gross national income.

Holland, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria have demanded the budget does not go over 1%. Of course, the beneficiaries of the budget: the developing countries mostly from the eastern block are not going to sign off on such a twiddly sum as 1%. That’s right there hole debate and deadlock is over 0.1%.

What a boring time for the EU, let’s hope it stays that way.

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