It’s no secret that China is oppressing many of its ethnic groups. The Uighurs are such a group, an estimated 1 million of them are held in “re-education camps” in Xinjiang. A new study describes the mass discrimination happing to the 8% ethnic minorities.

The Paper by Mr. Hou, Liu, and Crabtree three political scientists conducted a “resume experiment.” The researchers sent off thousands of fake job applications then counted the responses by ethnicity. China’s ethnicity makeup consists mainly of the Han (91%). The Uighurs and the Huis are the two main Muslim minority groups.

The Paper found that Hui sent twice the job applications than the Han, but the Uighurs had to deliver almost four times as many to get the same response. For highly educated workers, the gap was even more extensive. The top 1% of Uighur academics had to send six times the applications of the Han. Even in cities where there is a political mandate to hire minorities, the results were similar.

Cities in experiment. Note: Highlighted Chinese cities are places where job vacancies were posted and to which were successfully submitted resume(s).

When compared to Western countries (15 years of data), the results from China were extensive. There is no doubt that the Muslims find it much harder to find a job, especially for the Tibetan Uighurs. Not only is it harder to find a job, but for the unemployed, they are 33% less likely do get any financial support from the government.


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