London, the city with good drinking culture in clubs from the “no more than 8 pints tonight” Hipster, to the cocaine-fueled stockbroker is the place to be if you’re into no strings attached hedonism. But that may be about to change.

“Wokeness” has invaded, spreading their form of puritanism, which involves political values rather than outright debauchery. “Woke” clubs are popping up at an alarming rate, ten and counting. They are attracting self-important holier than thou types who all spare the drink for a “safe space.”

AllBright club

One such club called “AllBright,” an import from the American “The Wing,” is a feminist paradise where no boys are allowed. Members fittingly call themselves “Witches,” only art and literature from women line the walls. You may see books from feminist heroes like Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mary Beard (“distinguished” academics). Are you confused about someone’s pronoun? Not to worry, upon entrance you pick a badge telling others how to address everyone. Membership involves answering questions like “how do you support the forwarding of women in society” and “what is the biggest problem challenging woman today.”

These clubs stripped from drinking, offer self-help guidance instead. Topics like impostor syndrome, self-sabotage, and boundary-settings are regular events. Then you go in for psychoanalysis, and you may find that your thinking wrong. Not a problem; you can get rewired with Cognitive-behavioral therapy for a feeā€”the 1993 film “Demolition man” springs to mind.

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